SUNDAY MATINEE: Raymond Pettibon's 'Sir Drone' (1989)

posted Sunday Sep 7th, 2014

"Are you gonna change your name?" "That's what my dad asked me when I told him I was going 'punk rock.'" Welcome back to another impressive installment of the Sunday Matinee series on VoT, where you'll always find true treasures from the far corners of the cinematic world, streaming right in your lap. This week's selection is the rare Raymond Pettibon-directed Sir Drone from 1989, the second film in his three-film series, and the only one that lasts just under an hour. This rare low-budget gem follows some of the greats such as Desperate Teenage Lovedolls in the style of punks parodying punks, and features classic lines from main actors Mike Watt and Mike Kelley trying to start a punk band, and cheese-balling their own existence into a string of fake bands and ideas that will truly delight any fans of the SST era, as it was mostly filmed in their headquarters.

The interaction between Mike Watt and Mike Kelley is pretty much impeccable punk moronics, including all of the repugnant behavior involved with starting a talentless punk band, which means it's clearly tight up your alley, so kick back and pop this full-screen and dig into one of the rarest films from this era, and judging by the modest number of views on this YouTube link, not many people have seen this, so lucky YOU!

PS- the original copies are through-the-roof expensive, so if you're feeling impulsive, by all means grab one HERE.