SUNDAY MATINEE: 'Joysticks' (1983)

posted Sunday Aug 24th, 2014

Welcome back to the Sunday Matinee on VoT, and this week's feature is one of our favorites in the video game exploitation genre, Joysticks, from 1983! Starring the gang of 'video delinquents' the Vidiots and a cast of hob-knobbing dorky supporting cast members, this film stands the test of time and delivers nonstop spit-takes, chortles and knee-slaps, all at no cost to you. Filmed during the peak of video game/arcade obsession, this Joysticks is a raucous and totally BONKERS film you will watch again and again, and just try to get that theme song outta yer head!

So kick back and pop this into full-screen mode, and get ready to have your mind blown!