SUNDAY MATINEE: 'Bronco Bullfrog' (1969)

posted Sunday Jul 27th, 2014

Welcome back to another installment of the Sunday Matinee film series on VoT! Today we have a special treat from late 60's London spotlighting the fledgeling Suedehead/skinhead scene called Bronco Bullfrog. The film was an extremely low-budget project, enlisting street people and/or thugs in the acting roles, with no formal training, as to keep it's gritty, realistic feel intact. So much so that these "actors" even stole equipment from the set, jeopardizing it's completion!

But the real eye-opener in this rare UK film is the appearance of Audience, the pre-punk art rock band fronted by later maligned Dangerhouse recording artist Howard Werth from 1969-1972, who were commissioned to write the score for the film. Few people know that Werth was headhunted by The Doors as a replacement for Jim Morrison and during his time living in the US during the mid-late 1970s, he even worked with members of Captain Beefheart's band during those years. But most folks will undoubted know his name as he also managed to take the time to record a benchmark 7" single for the seminal West Coast punk label, Dangerhouse as part of it's original roster.

So kick back and enjoy this slice of late 60s London underground life, streaming in it's entirety here, brimming with pre-punk madness and moody noir youth culture...