SUNDAY MATINEE: Ballad of Mott The Hoople

posted Sunday Jan 22nd, 2017

It's another sad day for rock'n roll, as with news of the passing of UK Glam rock icons, Mott The Hoople bassist Peter "Overend" Watts hit the news wire earlier today. As one of the 1970s biggest British acts, Mott the Hoople were widely revered by everyone from David Bowie to the New York Dolls and although they toured early on in the US, they really remained more of a European phenomenon, but the impressive list of hits is undeniable. Today's Sunday Matinee is the BBC feature documentary The Ballad of Mott the Hoople is an excellent hour-long blast into the world of MOTT, with all the ugly glory you'd expect from these glam trailblazers.

The realization that the band's record sales didn't match up to their intense live audience draw becomes the central focus in the film, leading to David Bowie's involvement with contributing a song that would finally break them into the record charts with their epic "All the Young Dudes," forever solidifying their legend. And with usual top-quality BBC production standards you're privy to tons of rare video footage you won't see elsewhere online as well. So let's all have a bow of appreciation for Overend and kick this video into full-screen mode and learn all about the world of Mott the Hoople.