SUNDAY MATINEE: 'The American Dreamer' with Dennis Hopper (1971)

posted Sunday Oct 5th, 2014

The Sunday Matinee is back again at VoT, and this week's feature is the rarely-seen Dennis Hopper documentary The American Dreamer from 1971, shot on location at Hopper's headquarters in Taos, New Mexico while editing his film The Last Movie. A ramshackle and rambling underground film that mainly played on college campuses in the early 1970s, director Kit Carson zooms in on Hopper bouncing off the walls, frolicking in a bathtub with groupies, as well as firing guns and toiling over the final edits of his epic film that would sadly flop upon release, killing his momentum garnered with the much-loved Easy Rider a couple years prior.

Voice-overs of Hopper thinking aloud are played during the bizarre scenes of Hopper taking his clothes off on the street in a residential neighborhood, shooting various guns, and talking with representatives from Universal about The Last Movie, so his state-of-mind is in a delicate state, possibly even to the point of unraveling into a state of mild psychosis, you're gonna just love it!

So kick back and pop this film into full-screen mode, and enjoy another rare piece of American underground film from the era when ANYTHING WENT.