STREAM: Swimsit Addition & Bleach Party EPs

posted Thursday Nov 17th, 2016

Chicago's Tall Pat Records is having their annual party this Friday at the Empty Bottle dubbed Cuddlestock, and we have two new streaming tracks from the last two bands playing that evening for their dual record release shebang. Swimsuit Addition and Bleach Party have been toiling in the trenches for a few years now and both are chucking forth 7" singles at this show's central celebration. Clearance and Jollys, along with the Son of A Gun DJs round out the night, so you should have no problem getting your ya-yas out.

Bleach Party by now need no introduction, fronted by the formidable Meg MacDuff (Velocicopter/), this band always delivery a woozy bashing of deconstructed shambolic pop, just rough enough to keep the authorities away, and just weird enough to develop those irresistible vocal acrobatics into earworms you just can't pull out. Punkish rockers that go well with broken glass and shattered dreams, yet still manage to keep a hook in check, look no further than Bleach Party to wash away the years of toxins you've accumulated in one fell swoop.

And if that wasn't enough, Swimsuit Addition are stepping up to the 7" plate as well, ripping into their protein-fortified rock that throbs with tinges of a spectrum of styles, skeletal guitar solos, thick rhythm riffs, and tempered vocals simmer just under the surface. It's hard as nails, and then it's sparse as fuck, you'll feel it within seconds of "I Need U" off the Killing Time EP, and it's finally ready for your dripping jaws. Their wirey songs and bludgeoning bass lines will weave their way into your headspace so give yourself some room to explode and show up early so you don't miss these records, available at fine stores everywhere or direct from Tall Pat right HERE.

STREAM "I Thought I'd Seen A Ghost" from Bleach Party right HERE:

STREAM "I Need U" from Swimsuit Addition right HERE: