STREAM: Puke Spit & Guts Eat Hot Lead LP 1980

posted Wednesday May 17th, 2017

"Yakety Yak, Yakety Yak, I think your mouth, needs a good solid slap." UH OH! Can you handle the purity of uncut punk intestinal fortitude? If not, better head back to your fort made of Jack DeBarco gatefolds, there's no room for you at the Inn tonight, baby Jesus. Yes, punk surgeons have been studying the bright and beautiful sonic melanoma that is Puke, Spit & Guts for years now, and without ANY government funding. No one could ever really crack the case on this incredible milestone of punk perversity, and every single sloptastic gem on this LP deserves its own soiled legacy, and lucky for us all, now that miracle is in our hands. Thanks to the tenacity of Bazooka Joe, of the Black Gladiator and Slovenly labels, whose uncle was one degree of separation from the illustrious crew of this "band,” that sick dream is now your reality. Just imagine going to a family get together and having to fight CAPTAIN WORM and/or STUICIDE himself for the last deviled egg, it COULD have happened!

You see, it wasn't long ago that the non-connectivity of earth's most creative crustaceans meant there was still room for the darker specimens of humanity to fester in the shadows of discontent, and truly form a brand of artistic ugliness you just can't even find anymore. Couple this free-form phenomenon with the crudest "water-on-the-brain" punk "mentality" and tons of Mad Magazine style gasp-inducing childish offensive humorisms and you're barely even scratching the surface of what Puke, Spit & Guts bring to the table. Is it a parody of the punk ridiculousness tied up with the TV image that punk generated a la CHiPs and Quincy? Or a deeper level of black comedy that most developing brains just can't grasp yet? Either way, if it rubs you the wrong way, don't get upset, and it's totally OK! Just come to terms with the fact that your brain hasn't evolved to quantify this level of absurdity yet, but it's coming. Kind of like how most teenagers aren't interested in jazz music or fine dining experiences, it takes time for the human brain to reach this level of sickening self-reality, and how to accurately measure this level of inanity.

If you liked the Mentally Ill's "Gacy's Place," Freestone's "Bummer Bitch," The Insults "Hot Love," Tapeworm's "Break My Face," or anything by Teddy & the Frat Girls, then you're getting warm, and this LP fits squarely in the disgustoid punk pantheon perfectly, and Marie Manslaughter is soon to be your new god.

Nobody even blinked when the beloved DEVO unleashed their highly-controversial Hardcore Vol 1 & 2 LPs a few years back, chock full of racial slurs and sexist jargon galore, albeit not nearly as scum-ladenly purist as this slab. But even DEVO knew that this stage of de-evolution was upon us, and this LP is testament to that mindset. A true punk parody seems so obvious, it's like a flytrap for people that thrive on persecution in this New Dark Age of Awareness, so you might just need to relax and really dig into this one, because there’s just so many layers of offensive material, its like a flesh lasagna of punk, boiled down into a thick blob of gelatinous genius. It really has to be seen and heard to be believed.

But the best thing about Eat Hot Lead by Puke, Spit & Guts? This type of a record can NEVER be made again, it's like finding an old Coca Cola bottle opener from the early 1900s with a swastika as the design, it was really harmless then, but could never be interpreted the same way again. So dive into this relic of a bygone era when “punk” had the WORST connotations possible attached to it and had ZERO to do with “modern DIY culture.” The era when your biggest disappointment was not offending anyone, that was the one true collective intent, and boy oh boy does Puke, Spit & Guts deliver in spades.

STREAM the entire Eat Hot Lead LP right here and pick up the LP wherever fine records are sold or direct from Black Gladiator/Slovenly right HERE.