Spits Play Kraftbrau in Kalamazoo One More Time

The Spits Live 2006 at Subterranean by <a href=
The Spits Live 2006 at Subterranean by Canderson
posted Wednesday Sep 19th, 2007

The Spits return to their motherland, Kalamazoo, Michigan this Saturday to mourn/celebrate the closing of the long-running venue, Kraftbrau Brewery. The staple venue, who has hosted over the years, such a wide range of acts from the Black Lips to Black Sunday, lost their lease and by the year's end they'll close their doors for good. Although, Kraftbrau's calendar is filled through the end of November, this is the last time brothers Erin and Sean Wood and their legendary outfit, The Spits will be playing at their home away from home.

With the recent rumors of a quiet breakup, rest assured The Spits are still going strong. They are currently recording their fourth studio album with none other than John Reis, the ex-Rocket From the Crypt singer and guitarist, Swami Records head, and all-around good guy, and will it coming out sometime in the near future on that same label. The Spits are also set to tour the West Coast this year with the Black Lips, so there's no real sign of them slowing down (thankfully) anytime soon.

They have just added new keyboardist Ernie Quintero, their previous tour manager, and proprietor of Factotum Productions (the company responsible for such films as the HA Blackout, Black Lips and Spits tour DVDs), so he'll fit in perfectly holding up their stalwart and flagship sinister humming sound. As a producer and film editor, Quintero has a unique talent for not only capturing the energy of a band's live performance, but also the taciturn moments a band spends together off stage in their van, touring and just getting by without going at each other's throats.

The New Orleans three-piece, Die Rotzz and the mysterious ICU open the show.

check out a clip of the Spits playing at Kraftbrau in June of this year for the UFO Dictator Anniversary Party: