Simply Saucer Announces Descension to the Midwest

Simply Saucer Live at Ciao Edie in Toronto 2007 photo by <a href=
Simply Saucer Live at Ciao Edie in Toronto 2007 photo by Dan Zen
posted Thursday May 8th, 2008

Canadian psychedelic pioneers Simply Saucer have recently announced dates for a short US tour next month, and with all the promise of their dizzying proto-punk blazing through the fertile Midwest, it's probably a good idea to get your tickets early. As they had mentioned before in previous press releases, they intended to only visit cities that represented the original NHL hockey teams, but despite their national sport's universal importance, it might not translate into the best touring route for a band in their age bracket. Regardless, Simply Saucer are one of North America's true sonic powerhouses, and their Cyborgs Revisited LP (recorded in 1974-75) is one of the pre-punk era's shining lights of innovation, and subsequently was coined "the greatest Canadian record ever" upon it's posthumous release by Alternative Press in 1993. Since the folks at Sonic Unyon made it once again available ten years later, it has won over the hearts of underground rock aficionados everywhere, and further assured that their name would be ushered into the hallowed halls of the space punk pantheon for generations to come.

With unsettling song titles from the mid 70s like "Nazi Apocalypse" and "Dance the Mutation," it was clear that their sordid agenda was set to disrupt the post-VU, pre-Ramones status quo like few other bands of the time. And although their only release to see the light of day during their original tenure was the "She's A Dog" 7" single in 1978, their earlier studio material that appears on Cyborgs is the true gold of their repertoire. It's with great anticipation that their first US tour is dawning upon us, so don't delay in procuring your chance to witness the spectacle of Simply Saucer right before your very eyes, and seek out tickets so you're not left wondering when it might just happen again. Follow the link to Insound HERE to pick up their expanded CD version (with tons of prime bonus demo material) of Cyborgs Revisited for less than 13 bucks, while you're at it!

the US dates so far...
Friday 20 June 2008 @ Bohemian National Home, Detroit MI

Saturday 21 June 2008 @ Subterranean, Chicago IL w/ Plastic Crimewave Sound, Miss Alex White & the Red Orchestra, and Submarine Races

Sunday 22 June 2008 @ Mellwood Arts Center, Louisville KY [Terrastock 7]

and check out an original promo video for "Bullet Proof Nothing" right here...

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