Savage Republic, Pink Reason and Vee Dee at The Double Door

Pink Reason Live 2007 at Town Hall Pub by Canderson
Pink Reason Live 2007 at Town Hall Pub by Canderson
posted Wednesday Feb 14th, 2007

Thursday night at the Double Door in Chicago, the eternal hum of reverberated psychosis is set to be the main course of consumption as post punk eccentrics Savage Republic take the stage with their riveting and atmospheric noise. Forming in the early 80s and releasing several epic records in their initial formation, they fell apart in the later part of the decade and reformed again for a one-time reunion in 2002. A few years later, they've officially reformed and have instilled their sinuous tunes to be true to their original formula, which should be on vivid display at this show, including flaming tribal drum heads and despondent songs seemingly fit for the inevitable apocalypse.

Perhaps the most interesting new band to crawl out of Wisconsin in recent months is the enigmatic Pink Reason, who after only one Chicago-area show last month, have created such an odd stir of buzz that they may even be the brightest act of the night's stellar bill. With a drifting and melodically sadistic method of creating currents of aural explosions, I figured their live set would lack the energy so essential to a great show, but boy was I wrong. Just a two man dual guitar drone, backed with hypnotic drum tracks with levels of sound so intense, and with a 'Heart Of Darkness' era Pere Ubu delivery that leaves you destroyed just the way you like it. Pink Reason also has an upcoming debut album due out soon on Siltbreeze (CD version available at the show this week), and with a repress of their first single (this time on Criminal IQ) on the way, it's safe to expect a lurid, mind-melting, and fully cerebral experience of feeling actual music seep into your pores and latch onto your life. Check out some of their new songs HERE.

Vee Dee are one of Chicago's last surviving troops from the class of 2000 who are still making great music that's constantly evolving with each sporadic show. Capturing an edge between the moodiness of the Wipers with the power and panache of a late 60s power trio, Vee Dee never fails to connect and make a menacing impression. Always lingering closer to the psychedelic answer, they've undeniably carved out their own sound, and with a staggering double LP on the way from Criminal IQ later this year, it's easy to see how it should level everything in it's path. Check out some of their upcoming album cuts HERE.

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