Sacramento Overrun Friday By Corrupted Mayyors

Mayyors Live 2008 at Hemlock in SF, photo by <a href=
Mayyors Live 2008 at Hemlock in SF, photo by Canderson
posted Thursday Aug 7th, 2008

Tomorrow night at Sacramento's aptly-named Funcastle is the site of the assuredly catastrophic Mayyors' record release party, which should be one of the rowdiest, sweatiest, and hairiest shows in the state of California this week. With their completely blank and raging debut 7" on Waste of Oil already long gone and no extraneous ties to the internet at all, The Mayyors are one of those riveting and explosive bands that just doesn't want your attention, and hopes you'll stop looking for more information. With raw brutality and nihilistic aggression at the core of their existence, Mayyors hold nothing sacred and bash your mind repeatedly into a fruit-juicy pulp that won't be washed out of your linens any time soon. Featuring the brazen and uncouth mannerisms of Sacramento's sonic savior Chris Woodhouse (of FM Knives fame) on guitar, if you manage to get out of this show alive, consider yourself quite lucky. Don't forget to grab a copy of their hotly anticipated second 7" before the walls close in and your brain starts leaking our of your pillaged ears.

The self-described "shortest band in Portland" known as Scaphists, are the touring support, and lending a fractured and throbbing static mess to the fold, they'll come out bloodied and unbowed. Adding their name to your short list of irritably entertaining Portland bands, do yourself the favor of picking up their debut self-released Clean Latrines 7" at the show or right HERE, and set yourself up for an anathematic taste of the uglier side of Oregon's native species before they have the labels lined up to strip them of their over-ripened fruit. Sacto's Uncut Hunx open the show and offer newer filthier dimensions of sexual cleanliness to the masses, and round out a voracious night of musical mayhem with class and style beyond measure.