RIP: Bob Casale of DEVO

posted Wednesday Feb 19th, 2014

It's another sad day for the underground, as the immortal Akron, OH heroes known as DEVO have lost their second member within the calendar year, first Alan, and now Bob 2 (aka Bob Casale) at age 61 due to heart failure. As the years go by and the peripheral landscape of the punk/underground world expands both farther back, and to the outer fringes, the trail of human development seems to all stem from the Midwest's fertile crescent of creative explosiveness, OHIO, and DEVO are easily one of their most important byproducts. As Bob wielded the always dynamic guitar in the band, his sound was integral from the first gurglings of the 'Hardcore Devo' era, right up to the present day, including his 20 years working with Mark Mothersbaugh at Mutato, doing soundtrack work on everything from The Rugrats to the Wes Anderson films.

If you haven't already picked up the impossibly essential two-volume, three LP set of DEVO Hardcore, recently released on Superior Viaduct Records, by ALL MEANS get them NOW both HERE and HERE.

If you're into the bizarro-obscuro world of DEVO videos, but you've already watched the Complete Truth About De-Evolution DVD a gazillion times, then by all means check out this 36 minute compilation of the VHS-ONLY live performances, between song skits, and general Boojimania.

Behold: The Men Who Make The Music [1979, HQ]

The audio is muted up until the 1:24 mark, but the scene starting at the 10:00 mark is particularly incredible, dig in!