Rich Crook Launches Lover! at the Buccaneer

Rich Crook of Lover! Empty Bottle 2004 by <a href=
Rich Crook of Lover! Empty Bottle 2004 by Canderson
posted Wednesday May 30th, 2007

This Saturday night in Memphis at the Buccaneer, do not miss the glorious return of Rich Crook in the form of his newest pop tornado emphatically named Lover! If you grew fangs like we did upon hearing his songs develop in the Knaughty Knights (which absolutely shine on their last two singles), you should already be sweating in anticipation of his next batch of smash hits. He took some time off after the Knights came back from their European tour to live in Natchez, MS and worked on an offshore oil rig, only to return to Memphis earlier this year. He recorded some absolute killer pop tracks with The Reigning Sound's Greg Roberson on drums, and then soon picked up Marsh & Daphne (ex-Comas, current Overnight Lows) and filled in with buddy Abe on drums to assemble the current live unit. Rich's edge-of-your-seat song writing has to be one of the most severely underrated of the growing Southern pop armada, and with a 7" on the way from Solid Sex Lovie Doll and the debut album due out this weekend on Empty, it's gonna hit you quick, but you'll love every second of it. With not even the slightest traces of his involvement with the Reatards and Lost Sounds anywhere in earshot on these recordings, it's easy to see that Rich Crook has come full circle from the drum stool and right into the front of the stage, where he really belongs. The songs are tough as nails and as persuasive as a bad habit you just can't shake, so get ready to be seduced like a dizzy debutante upon exposure to this powerful force of nature when they take the stage for the first time this weekend in Memphis. Check out the first three songs HERE. But don't sit out in the alley too long as The Arch Rivals are another new Memphis band you should check out while they're still green and optimistic. With a handful of songs that range from the idyllic charm of the Whyte Boots to the rollicking groove of early Alex Chilton solo sounds, all smothered with a delicious southern sauce that you won't soon forget. Including local agitators Buck Wilders, Quinn Powers, Joe Simpson, and Alix Brown, it's bound to have all the right angles and adds yet another facet to the ever-expanding Memphis music contingency, which seems to evolve almost on a daily basis. Opening up the night are yet another Memphis startup called the Turn It Offs so don't miss them and get ready for a great night of hot rock'n roll.