Queers, Hard-Ons Play the Beat Kitchen

Hard Ons Live 2006 by Tiger Lily
Hard Ons Live 2006 by Tiger Lily
posted Wednesday Oct 11th, 2006

Outside of the context of punk music, a night with The Hard-Ons and The Queers might not exactly peak the interest of the average hetero male, but within the often contrary hamlet of youthful gamin, it might be the night of a lifetime––or at least the next week or so. Sydney, Australia's Hard-Ons formed in 82' as a group of 15 year-old high school cronies. First going by The Dead Rats, and later adopting the moniker The Plebs, they finally settled on the perfectly carnal name The Hard-Ons. With one line-up change over the past two decades, “keeping it up” as a consistently ardent act is a feat in itself. With heaps of releases, legions of fans worldwide, and opening for such acts as The Ramones and The Red Hot Chili Peppers on tour, they've barely received the acclaim they deserve. Their pop-rung metal din carved out the container in which lesser bands have based their careers, namely TURBONEGRO and their ilk, but with less paltry wile to up their showmanship. With the release of Most People Are A Waste Of Time this year, the original singer/drummer Keish De Silva returned to collaborate after leaving to pursue other musical interests and toured Europe last year as part of a 4 piece.
The lovably uncouth and steadfast band The Queers, also formed in 1982 across the globe in New Hampshire. Their apathetic and often silly songs reflect the sound The Ramones left in wake of advent of the genre, even going so far as to cover Rocket to Russia in it's entirety. Over the years, The Queers have gone through numerous line-up changes, but at the helm, Joe “Queer” King still has a knack for refreshingly sophomoric sentiments. Early '90s vert pro skater, Todd Congelliere's band Toys that Kill opens, playing two sets this Friday at 5 and 10 o'clock at the Beat Kitchen. You can pick up tickets here.

Here's a video of The Hard-Ons "All Set to Go" with the original line-up.