PREVIEW: WEED at Animal Kingdom

posted Friday Apr 25th, 2014

Fuzzed-out and insistent, WEED'S first full-length Deserve is refreshing and relentlessly catchy. The four-piece, Vancouver-based outfit behind the loaded moniker makes music that — for all of its waves of feedback and aggressive tonal quality — seems determined to never lose sight of pop sensibility. Much of Deserve’s charm is in the lower-fidelity sound of its production and the reverb-drenched vocals that drawl over upbeat rhythms. WEED has released a highly listenable album that is at turns mellow and endearingly chaotic, with hooks to spare.

Get an earful of WEED at Animal Kingdom this Monday, April 28th with The Funs, The Hecks, Earring, and The Liqs .