PREVIEW: The Rubs, The Sueves, and Gross Pointe at Door #3

posted Tuesday May 27th, 2014

This Thursday, May 29, HoZac Records and The Benevolent Order of Chicago Record Labels are hosting a slate of bands guaranteed to satisfy your hankerings for fun and friction. Chicago's The Rubs, The Sueves, and Gross Pointe are set to blow the doors off Door #3, a new venue in the basement of the existing Double Door that is more reminiscent of a house space than venue.

Noisy, eccentric garage-punk is the hallmark of the sound of Chicago's The Rubs. With a demo tape out on cassette masterminds and fellow BOCRL members Why Pick on Me?, the band is a beloved fixture at every venue ever. Their most recent effort blends in a bit more tracks of the power-pop persuasion, and was recorded at the oft-awesome house space Animal Kingdom. This stuff is hot.

The Sueves play a ridiculously catchy mix of lo-fi and 60's garage rock. The band succeeds at creating pitch-perfect pop tracks while earnestly and effortlessly not giving a TOO much of a fuck. Their most recent effort, "Town Zone", earned them a spot on native Chicago's Hozac Records. The Sueves make you wanna grab jerky, hop in a truck, and do bad things in it.

Gross Pointe is a newer project powered by some other solid Chicago mates. They have a split release with fellow sidewalk slammers Son of a Gun on Dumpster Tapes, and have been known to frequent Emporium and play to the sounds of drunk pinball aficionados. You're going to know that this band is from Chicago from their garage-punk sensibilities, and you're going to like it.

This party is sure to be full of well-sourced garage tunes. A 5-dollar cover and $3 beers added to the mix will ensure the best night of your young summer isn't at the price of highway robbery. Get your ass into the basement, because the future is cancelled.

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