PREVIEW: The Man, Make-Overs, Hollow Mountian, Son of A Gun

posted Thursday Jul 24th, 2014

There are shows, and then there are shows. Friday July 25th at Moe's Tavern will most certainly be one of the shows that is spoken about in hushed tones in future days. When they write the annals of this time, we can guarantee you its authors will see this show as one of our times key happenings.

South African sensations, the Make-Overs are going to start things off with their HOZAC RECORDS-approved attack, bringing to mind the most fuzzed out noise punk of the 1980s. They would been a perfect opener for Pussy Galore at Maxwells in 1988. If you've seen the doc Punk in Africa, then you know South Africa's got a history of rock'n'roll rebels, who really do put it all on the line. They head back at the end of the summer, so see them NOW.

Hollow Mountain are back after a few month break where front women Ester X took some time to explore the land of the rising son. Back, and gearing up for the release of their first 7" on TALL PAT RECORDS this fall, they're slug-pop sound is thicker and more arresting then ever. In Ester's absence, STEVE X and BEN X have boning up on their Black Sabbath and Melvin's records, so be ready to bang your head.

Son of A Gun are on fire. WXRT dedicated an entire 30 minutes of radio time to them earlier this month, a feat unseen in radio since the whole medium went to hell in the mid-90s. They're revving up their guitars in preparation for the debut LP "No Bread", coming out on TALL PAT RECORDS this fall. Its sonic attack stands in the long tradition of Real Rock'n'Roll Music in line with the Motor City Five, Ramones, Devil Dogs, and Rocket From the Crypt. Few can resist its siren call. If your feet aren't tapping, then you might need to see a doctor for hearing problems.

The Man's focus-grouped sounds have lit up even the stars this year. Their unrelenting guitars, pursuit of profit, and vicious sonic assault are proven market winners. The Man are winding down their fiscal year a bit early, as MAN 2 is relocating due to some pressing business matters. Their well reviewed 7" on TALL PAT RECORDS has been generating dividends like General Electric stock, and their 7" on HOZAC RECORDS has been moving units so quickly that even GE's Jack Donaghy would be jealous.

The show is FREE, so you have no excuse not to show up. Even if you're on a boat earlier in the day. Besides, what else are you doing with your life? Come drinks some beers and watch history be made.