PREVIEW: Dead Native, Hollow Mountain, Le Tour

posted Wednesday Jul 30th, 2014

We welcome you to another thrill-filled evening at Door #3 in the most dangerous section of Wicker Park in Chicago! Tonight we've scoured the gritty city for another round of bands guaranteed to stain your socks and send you home in a box, and you know how much you love going home in a box. First up, we have Le Tour who have just completed recording their debut LP after a knockout series of demos and live shows, and their delicately wrangled pop will echo loud and clear throughout your earholes, so try not to get too "faced" while they're onstage, you've got a lot of work ahead of you.

Next up, we have the incessant hypnotic throb of Hollow Mountain, featuring members of The Lemons and Pink Torpedo, who turn 180 degrees and come down crashing onto chords that pound continuously but never really go away, and from this conviction of repetition, we salute them wholeheartedly. And finishing up the night, we have heavy-psych knockouts, Dead Native, a band whose Hawkwind-soaked jams really hit the spot no matter what the occasion. With their endlessly echoing riffs reaching up to the low ceiling and back down into the depths of your soul, you KNOW you'll be in the right place, and with only a $5 cover and $3 tallboys, your Wednesday might just turn into a Friday after all.