Plexi 3, Coathangers and Goibbledoimbs Sunday at Frank's Powerplant

Plexi 3 at Cal's Liquors 2007 photo by <a href=
Plexi 3 at Cal's Liquors 2007 photo by Rob Karlic
posted Wednesday Feb 20th, 2008

Sunday night at Frank's Power Plant in Milwaukee, Atlanta girls The Coathangers will roll through town on tour and join Plexi 3 and Goibbledoimbs for an unsettling night of pop trash mayhem that will peel the paint off the walls and blow the wig right off your over-sized head. As far as Sunday night shows go, it's always hard to get people off the couch no matter where you live, but with the unruly and frantic guitar bashings coming from the Goibbledoimbs' three-pronged attack, it will shake the shit right out of your ears and get your adrenaline surging in no time. With only a homemade split tour cassette (with Gut Reactions) released so far, and one of the most difficult names to pronounce (say 'Goy-bull-doym-bzz') in punk music today, leave it to the Goibbledoimbs to wipe the floor with any wet blankets that might not be ready for such an inexorable blast of raw aggression.

By this time, Kevin and Luke of the Get Drunk DJs should be about knee-deep in the good time jams between the bands, so even if you're still wearing Moon Boots, the music's gonna get you stomping to the brazen sounds that keep Sundays treacherous and unpredictable. But don't let yourself slip away into some trance-like state as The Coathangers take the stage next and relinquish the last of any inhibitions you still might hold, as they claw and screech their way into your twisted little hearts, whether you like it or not. While their debut 7" last year on Die Slaughterhaus and subsequent LP on Rob's House Records have lead to lots of people catching onto their modern, yet primitive Slits-style racket, don't be shocked to see a few more heads than usual clamoring to see what all the fuss is about. This should all but perfectly cleanse your palette for the headlining Milwaukee sensations, Plexi 3 to slay what's left of your inclination towards inevitable boredom. With a hot rocket of a debut 7" EP released last summer on Dusty Medical Records and their follow up 7" EP due out next month on HoZac, even a lineup change can't stop the pop this sharp-as-nails three piece is delivering with an unrelenting punch. With the precision and panache of mod's snappy melodies cross-pollenated with the saw-toothed punk framework they know so well, Plexi 3 are one of the most promising new bands from the greater Milwaukee area to emerge in the last year, so be sure to check them out on tour later this Spring in a town near you, and pick up a copy of their debut 7" HERE while you still have a chance.

check out a video clip of Plexi 3 at Chill & Mingle in Detroit, courtesy of joekbcasey1, right here...