Personal & the Pizzas Crash Photobooth Record Release Party in SF

Personal and the Pizzas Live in San Francisco at Budget Rock 7, photo by <a href=
Personal and the Pizzas Live in San Francisco at Budget Rock 7, photo by Canderson
posted Tuesday Dec 9th, 2008

Tonight in San Francisco, come celebrate the release of the first Photobooth 7" at a wild Tuesday night party at the spot known as Carlos' House, and regale in the trashy euphoria that comes with every appearance of the notorious Personal and the Pizzas. If you're unfamiliar with the smooth and effortless pop personality of Photobooth, it won't take long to recognize it's Jason Patrone from the smashing FM Knives on vocals, and it'll hit you over the head with hooks that don't let go. Daggerman Records is releasing the debut 7" and with tracks such as "Da Me Tus Besos" (if you listen close, you can hear the echo of Giorgio Moroder/Chicory Tip's glam classic "Son of My Father" buried in the chorus), and with the doe-eyed innocence of "In The Morning," it's sure to be another essential Bay-Area single you can't sleep without. Look for another Photobooth single to fall out of the sky on Raw Deluxe Records soon as well.

With the current state of "pizza punk" bands reaching an all time high this year (check out relevant releases by Johnny and the Limelites, and The Pizzas for further proof), what the world needs now, is a pizza punk band of epic proportions to consolidate this wanton cheesy crust lust into an enigma. And that fine, fine enigma comes to us in the form of Personal & the Pizzas, a "New Jersey" band that seems to play in the SF Bay area an awful lot, and has an unhealthy obsession with the finer points of the Ramones' dull-end spectrum, coupled with a delightful Lenny & Squiggy-image infatuation. Sound too good to be true there, pizza-face? Well, so did The Spits eight years ago, and these guys seem like the Wood brothers' crazy East Coast cousins hell bent on burning the roof of your mouth and warming your heart simultaneously. With one arm locked in The Penetrators groove and the other acting out Laverne and Shirley reruns, Personal & The Pizzas take the newly founded genre to dizzying heights. And if you were lucky enough to pick up a "pizza-box set" copy of their debut 7" on GOOC Entertainment at this year's Budget Rock 7 Fest, then you probably already know of the dripping gooey faux-daygo magic captured within. Texas drug buddies Harlem open the show, so keep this on the down-low and get there early, as I'm sure the hosts would rather not deal with the cops on a weeknight.

check out Personal & the Pizzas' music video for "Brass Knuckles" right here: