Nice Smile and Little Claw Join Catatonic Youth at Funhouse

Nice Smile live at the Hemlock in SF 2007 photo by <a href=
Nice Smile live at the Hemlock in SF 2007 photo by Canderson
posted Friday Mar 7th, 2008

Tonight at the Funhouse in Seattle, a spectacular display of true multi-generational Northwest talent is lined up right before your very eyes, and you'd be a sad excuse for a human to miss out on it. As the constant influx of mystery bands reaches almost epidemic proportions, one of the finest of 2007's endless/faceless crop will make their on stage debut tonight, much to the delight of the entire tuned-in Western hemisphere. Catatonic Youth have been one of the most promising static-soaked anomalies to emanate from their echo-filled cave in the past months, and it's beyond exciting to see that they are making an earthly appearance this fine evening with such great company. As one of the countless "non-bands" to generate such an alluring noise, Catatonic Youth's songs clearly show that they are poised to kill, and it's anyone's guess as to how it will transcribe into a live show setting. But with their incredible knack for penning impossibly great punk disaffection in the simplest terms available, there's a serious chance that tonight's show will be nothing short of remarkable. Their hotly anticipated debut 7" vinyl record is in the works at the moment, and should be available via HoZac Records in the next few months.

Adding to the rapidly boiling enthusiasm are the relocated Detroit act Little Claw, who now reside in Portland but still carry their inebrious reputation as one of the 21st century's most impeccable art punk outfits. Sharing a pivotal member of Tyvek (in Heath we trust) in their ranks, Little Claw have broken out of the confines of the typical band rut and landed their highly lauded second LP on the Ecstatic Peace label last fall, which has opened the floodgates and exposed their odd glow to a whole new realm of noise fans. Check them out live whenever you get a chance, and tonight is just another opportunity to add them to your growing list of bands to obsess over.

And just as every healthy scene needs its forefathers for moral support and guidance, it is with the utmost respect that one of the Northwest's true punk gods has decided to keep his hat in the ring. As Rob Vasquez' latest band, Nice Smile take their rightful position at the head of the throne this evening, the crowd will be treated to an intimate scalding of rock'n'roll's ugliest guitar scrapings, set to an irresistible and danceable beat. Just a mild introduction to any of Rob V's vast lineage of great bands (check out the late 80s Nights and Days, and the incredibly great Night Kings and Right On) will instantly bring out the animal in you, and that heaven-sent yelp of distinction roughly scrawled over his primordial thud are true testament to why he's so highly revered in the upper eschelon of the rock'n'roll underworld. If you're not familiar with Rob V's work, it's worth your time and resources to track all the records down before they become even more scarce. Still without a Nice Smile release available for private home listening at the moment, it's only a matter of time before everyone catches up to this beautiful dirge and your little sister has "ROB V" tattooed across her teenage knuckles, much to the disgust of your worrisome mother.

K-Records artists The Old Haunts somehow headline the show tonight, but after this previous three-way headlock of punk mastery pulls itself out of your pleasure dome, you'll be left wilted like a windblown pansy after monsoon season, stewed in your own vile juices.

check out a live clip of Little Claw from their last show in Chicago right here...