New Bomb Turks & LiveFastDie Play We Never Learn Release Show in NYC

New Bomb Turks play Capital Punishment Fest at Cafe Bourbon St. 2003, photo by <a href=
New Bomb Turks play Capital Punishment Fest at Cafe Bourbon St. 2003, photo by Canderson.
posted Saturday Jun 26th, 2010

The New Bomb Turks are making a rare appearance in NYC this Saturday for the release party for We Never Learn: The Gunk Punk Undergut, 1988-2001, the book front man, Eric Davidson penned looking back on the murky decade that brought rise to countless underground bands that never really broke into the mainstream, but weaved it's dirgey chords into the core of underground music, and influenced numerous bands in their wake. Until recently, the 90s were a criminally overlooked time for underground music. Even with dozens of zines covering the aural scope of the time, the blaring zeitgeist of 90s garage-punk slipped through the ether like a homely ghost and those in the know cringed at the idea of their music being muddled by inward peering leeches, all the while irked by its elusiveness to everyone outside of their clique. But that's all behind us, thanks to Mr. Davidson right?

Headlining, The New Bomb Turks, were undoubtedly a central force in that mysterious era and introduced thousands of fans to other bands purely by what songs the Turks decided to cover, even who they shared the bill with. From their base in Columbus Ohio, their music took off like a micro burst of a nuclear ladyfinger poised at the front of a standing domino display. Soon thereafter, lots of us out there were scratching our heads trying to track down the likes of Nervous Eaters, Radio Birdman, and Modern Lovers, all the while being pummelled by the flowing output of the now legendary labels of the time. Sympathy For the Record Industry, Get Hip, and Crypt (who released their first LP) all had their fingers in the Turks teenage-style. And now here we are 20 years down the road, finally a document to etch it in the still moistened cement of passing time and all us pastey choads out here get to say "I told you so" to everyone else who were still spinning their Soundgarden records back then.

Not as though this were some sort of passing of the torch ceremony by the ever-rotating gaggle of white jean-sporting bong suckers that revolve around the sub-musical genius of Camero Werwolf, LiveFastDie open the show. And with their anthemic ditties of everyday hilarity that mash the pre-poo flinging GG into an even poppier get-up and glaze it all over with a modern cynical perspective, they are the prefect vehicle to drive this party right into wall before all the literates take over to get their precious bites of bookage.

Now in the spirit of self aggrandizing book giveaways, the first TWO people to email us at with the answer to this question will win their very own signed copy of We Never Learn:

"What year and city was the cover photo from the book taken?"

(contest is now OVER, thanks for participating and the winners will be notified by email)

You can buy a copy of We Never Learn:The Gunk Punk Undergut, 1988-2001 here. Check out the companion blog site to the book HERE, and don't miss Eric Davidson in Chicago at the Museum of Contemporary Art July 13th.