Mannequin Men Play Benefit

Mannequin Men Live 2006 by Canderson
Mannequin Men Live 2006 by Canderson
posted Thursday Sep 28th, 2006

A fund raiser for the documentary “My Brother's War” will take place this Saturday at the Nihilist Gallery in Chicago's south Loop. The benefit features a smattering of local bands and deejays, and all proceeds will help endow the unfinished film. The brainchild of UIC film school graduate, Shana East, the film deals with how the current war in Iraq (Operation Iraqi Freedom) has effected returning soldiers from all over the country. A subject rather personal to her as the film blossomed from her own experiences with her brother Mike, an active serviceman who recently returned from Iraq, and their family. From the psychological consequences to emotional detachment, the mark that war leaves on veterans is undeniable, and it's a lesson we've learned perpetually throughout history. War's necessity is always questionable and it's outcome is never good for either side. But as with many things, the cards are not necessarily dealt by the ones who actually participate, and therein lays the threshold of frustration, a conundrum in which the answer resides in the unfolding of history. With months of filming, hours of interview footage spanning all angles of the issue, it looks to be a promising and affecting documentation of an overlooked and timeless topic.
The benefit itself features an impressive palette of local aural flavor. The Yolks, put forth a stammering version of a maladroit 60s romp that falls between the Mummies and a slightly fuzzed up Ray Davies. With fetching hooks laid out on a veneer of mid-tempo convivial tunes, their energy will certainly rouse the crowd. Also there will be a solo performance from Danny Black, the frontman for the softhearted southern sapor 90s Bloodshot Records act, The Blacks (later becoming The Black Family) and more recently Healthy White Baby.
Screaming Yellow Zonkers are undecided over their snack-oriented moniker, but unlike their namesake, they're filled with nuts. Comprised of members of The Krunchies, VeeDee and The Worst, their sound is ample, choleric and immediate altogether. TheMannequin Men recently released their debut record, Showbiz Witch, on their own Swamp Angel Records. Their bass lines are clotted and constrained under a pitted guitar sound and deep vocals that build to jaded and introspective choruses leaving the flavor of DC first-wave emo acts, namely Fugazi and Rites of Spring. You can download some of their tunes here.
A donation of 8 dollars at the door will go to the proceeds for the production of My Brother's War and beer will be served courtesy of a generous donation from local brewery Goose Island.

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