MOTO Still Delivers After 25 Years

M.O.T.O. 2004 by Canderson
M.O.T.O. 2004 by Canderson
posted Thursday Jul 20th, 2006

Anyone who's been paying attention to modern, non-mainstream 'pop' music over the past ten years will no doubt be able to sing along to at least 20 MOTO songs by heart. Sure it's only the same four chords emphatically re-arranged and re-done, but with the classic rock'n roll results, these guys are worth their weight in gold. Formed back in 1981 in New Orleans, Paul moved the operation up to Boston in 1987 and really opened the floodgates on an almost non-stop stream of classic releases ever since. Their debut cassette album, 'Turn Your Head And Cough' from 1985 is a virtual blueprint of a blueprint of what rock'n roll is supposed to be, and anyone who hasn't had the heady pleasure of hearing this landmark in it's glorious lo-fi charm must quickly correct themselves. Another move to Chicago in 1989 even further established their mission and the subsequent years of non-stop lineup changes and incessant touring really helped MOTO get in shape for the next wave of their wild ride.

The release of 'This Corpse is A Warning' in 1990 on Resonance Records was their first actual LP, and it's all been gravy and limited 7" singles from there on out. The hooks dug deeper, the songs got wilder and the search for a steady band was in full effect. They even started playing "Go Naked" again! Rave reviews followed their epic releases on Criminal IQ and Shit Sandwich Records in 2002-3 and they soon realized that the sounds they'd been mining for years, although vastly unappreciated by the minions, were now en vogue with a whole new generation of kids with an insatiable appetite for raw pop music. Never ready to rest in any sense, Paul solidified the live unit with JJ Champion on bass, Lawrence on guitar, and an endless revolving door of guest drummers.

After the critical success of the 'Kill MOTO' album, Criminal IQ did the good deed of reissuing the singles collection, 'Single File' allowing the band's obscure 7" releases to get another chance at fondling the tender ears of the public. Then, when it seemed like they'd reached the glass ceiling of accomplishment in underground music, their 2004 LP, 'Raw Power' was named the number one Chicago release of the year by the Chicago Reader. If you haven't checked those out, get your ass in gear, and be sure to grab a copy of their newest single on Babykiller Records while you're at it. This week, MOTO will be appearing at two must-see shows in the Midwest, so you'll have your chance to experience their brash and loveable pop in both Michigan and Illinois. Friday's show in Chicago is at the Empty Bottle with the Marked Men and Awesome Color, and then Saturday at the Kraftbrau in Kalamazoo, the 2nd Anniversary show heralded with the Marked Men and Throbbin' Urges and the debut of Dutch Hercules One Man Band. M.O.T.O. galore HERE, and an awesome video courtesy of Lo-Fi St. Louis here...