MONDAY MATINEE: 'Jubilee' (1978)

posted Monday Sep 1st, 2014

Welcome back to another killer cult film of the punk persuasion, this time from the UK during the heyday of the 1st wave of punk and one of the best, high-quality documents of the era. Jubilee was filmed throughout 1977 and features an actual storyline as well as crystal-clear footage of the prime-era Adam & the Ants, which you can't see anywhere else.

In the film, Queen Elizabeth I travels in time forward the late 70s Britain and clashes with a cast of early punk characters such as Adam Ant, and various Malcom McClaren proteges, as well as great cameo clips of Wayne County, The Slits and Siouxsie & the Banshees, all in glorious grainy color, which needs to be seen if at not least, for it's historical content, not to mention the incredible footage of Adam and the Ants that will reinvigorate your enthusiasm for this often-maligned UK punk outfit. So recline that easy chair and pop this film full screen and have a great Labor Day!