Mika Miko Accompany Black Ladies Tonight in Chicago

Mika Miko Live in San Francisco 2007 by <a href=
Mika Miko Live in San Francisco 2007 by Canderson
posted Wednesday Aug 22nd, 2007

Tonight in Chicago, LA's Mika Miko are making an appearance at the Empty Bottle which should make mincemeat out of anything else going on in town, and raise the bar on the impact all girl bands can have on the mid 2000s punk landscape in the process. With a brash and rabid delivery coupled with a high-energy slap of hardcore speed interlaced, Mika Miko have been at it for the last few years, effectively mashing together noisy spasms not far off from other bold female squawkers like Twat Vibe and the Coathangers with erratic post punk rhythms to forge a tight and tense take on sonic anger dispersion. With records already out on Kill Rock Stars and hype rolling along right with it, Mika Miko are finally feeling the wind at their backs, and with a singer that uses an old telephone as a mic, I think that's all they need. Great songs that evade the typical trappings and cover their bases with Kleenex 45s instead of Raooul CDs are evident of a carefree stance that reminds you why rock'n roll and politics really don't mix, and that's really why Mika Miko are worth checking out.

Chicago's two piece drum and bass group, Black Ladies will also be in the house tonight and their resilient and minimal meanderings are less magnetic than their name would let on, but you can bet there will be a strong inclination toward miscegenation this evening, just by their name alone. Local indie pop band Fake Fictions open up the show and bring their simplistic and enjoyably jagged songs of elation to the stage once again, so don't get stuck on the couch and come check them out.

check out Mika Miko's video for "Business Cats" right here...