Miami is So Raw Fest Blasts Off Tonight!

Pink Reason at the Market Hotel in Brooklyn, photo by <a href=
Pink Reason at the Market Hotel in Brooklyn, photo by c89
posted Friday Jun 19th, 2009

Miami, the city that brought you the death of Versace (RIP), the award-winning film Scarface (Fly pelican, c'mon pelican!), and the invention of snorting rails off of beautiful latina ass, is now bringing THEE first So Raw Festival. Why So Raw Festival? Because raw means being totally awesome, and this festival is going to be totally awesome. For those of you that have been sleeping under a rock, for the past two years Miami has been pumping out some choice nugz.

This Heart Electric, a one man weirdo project, which consists of Miami's own Ricardo Guerrero, and kicks off the night on Friday at the 'ISM Gallery with his post- (insert here) bumping grooves, that will surely get the party started, and all the ladies' asses bouncing. Next up is Palm Trees, a guy/girl duo from Miami who will most definitely keep the party going with their hypnotizing beats and eerie vocals, which is worth checking out based on the singer’s booty alone. After a sun-drenched set by Palm Trees, Miami's beloved Rick Diaz (AKA Ricky's Black Mountain in Orlando) will be taking the stage as Hahahelp! a very eclectic band with frequent line-up changes and an ever-changing sound. Hahahelp! is something that you don't want to miss; one second some freaked out noise is going on, the next second you're hearing a guitar and voice so beautiful you'd think you're on the beach with the prettiest girl you've ever met, and she's even opening up an ice cold beer for you. The sun will be setting as Miami's lone ranger, Eric Lopez takes the stage, with his loner-psych-punk-jazz-acoustic-guitar(sometimes)-amazingness, TEEPEE. Ever since his first self-released CDR everyone has just wanted more. Two amazing tapes on the equally amazing Jerkwave, a 7 inch from Weird Hug, another 7 inch from Florida's Dying, more self released tapes, and an upcoming 7 inch on HoZac's Hookup Klub, TEEPEE always gives the people what they want. And you really don't want to miss his droning drum beats, amazing guitar, occasional sax solo's, and beautifully flowing hair. After TEEPEE melts away your brain, Miami's own Electric Bunnies will kick off their set. With their great "unique-to-them" sounds (Danny B has been trying to coin it, GRIT GAZE), are some psyched-out noisy-poppy jams that will surely blow everyone away. Keep your eye out for probably the best LP of the year coming out on Florida's Dying. Ending the first night will be Chicago's party monsters, The Yolks. With their own 60's rock'n'roll sound, they will be the perfect band to finish off such a beautiful night, and will surely get every drunken boy and girl (So Raw will have free beer and vodka!) up on their feet and dancing the night away. Be sure to get your hands on their upcoming LP coming out on Randy and Bachelor Records, soon.

Saturday begins bright and early, but you don't want to miss the day show, which begins at 12 PM. Flux Forces, another Miami duo consisting of Ryan and Rebecca (Ryan will probably also be playing with Hahahelp! on Friday) who make some tropical, beach-soaked synth bliss that should not be missed. After Flux Forces are done sucking you into their world, Miami's Little Beard will be thinking that 12:45 is the perfect time to start partying again. Fronted by the beautiful Sarah, and featuring So Raw's very own Nicole, who will be keeping the beat on the skins, Little Beard will surely deliver some foot-stomping rhythm in a very slick rock'n'roll fashion. Next up will be Chicago resident, but Miami native, Alexendar Held as Ghost Slums. Ghost Slums will cook up some sexy, bluesy, noisey tunes with some driving bass and sporadic guitar, this is something that you won’t to miss. Closing off the day show will be the Northeast's wonderchild: Fluffy Lumbers. With his lo-fi garage pop brilliance and his boyish charm, he will be melting away the day’s debauchery and sweat, and all the while convincing every jaded elitist asshole that pure and good music is still being made today. Make sure to check out his upcoming 7 inch on Chicago's Weird Hug Records.

If anyone is alive by Saturday night, Miami's own garage rockers Lil Daggers will be setting the mood right with their slick riffs and enigmatic singer over at the 'ISM Gallery, once again. Nicole, the brains behind So Raw will be next up with her partner in crime, Miami's official stud muffin Tony G, as The CouchFaces, who will be bringing smiles to everyone's faces, with their cutesy, happy, straight-up rock and roll. Next up on the business agenda, is the dirty business himself: Brian's Dirty Business, an intrepid man of international sexy mystery, and a libido equal only to the size, girth, and tone of his massive manhood. Legend has it, he was born into sex slavery in Miami's most upscale rock'n'roll brothel, but was one day rescued and taught the black tantric sex magic by the Sex Wizard Overseer; Chicago's own filthy secret. So keep your lady friends close because his infectious hooks, sexy voice, and arousing stage performance will have them dying to give Brian himself an RJ in the alley. This dude is most definitely a prowler of the night and a dirty hustler of sin, the dirty business of Brian. After the sex has stopped, Rot Shit will be taking the stage, ready to bring the type of chaos and destruction that Miami has never seen. With their retardo back-to-basics hardcore punk stylings, fists, beer and ladies underwear will be thrown during their amazing, infamous fifteen minute set. Best lyrics ever. The fun continues with Miami's sun king's of Opalaca River: Melted Sunglasses. Featuring the world's fastest beer-shotguner Danny B. (and also So Raw co-founder and organizer). These guys rip it with psychedelic, yet super catchy guitar riffs and an honest to-the-devil luster of hard pounding punk sound. With added guitar brilliance from TEEPEE himself, these guys are what keeps Miami pounding booze and listening to good music. Look out for their two upcoming records on Florida's Dying and Weird Hug Records.

Hopefully everyone will be ready for some garage psych goodness with Miami hit makers Jacuzzi Boys. Having dominated the past few years with 7 inches on HoZac, Florida's Dying, Needless and Rob's House, along with an upcoming LP on Florida's Dying, it's obvious that these boys write amazing songs. One of the tightest bands around, the Jacuzzi Boys are going to give everyone a show that will exceed everyone's expectations. Hopefully the gallery will still be standing by the time Pink Reason takes the stage. Closing off the festival, Pink Reason will be making sure that no one leaves without at least one life-changing experience, as Kevin Failure always delivers a performance that will leave you wanting more for days.

The So Raw Festival will also be featuring art exhibits by local Miami artists, so check out the beautiful Nina Hartmann, Annabelle Lee, Nikki Chasin, M. Grace and Peter Betancourt. Since the festival has free beer & vodka, you should not be a cheap-o and buy some of their art.

check out a video clip of Miami's own TEEPEE, courtesy of amazinrobert, right here: