Master Apes And Pure Country Gold Saturday in Vancouver

Master Apes 2007 photo by Sean Law
Master Apes 2007 photo by Sean Law
posted Thursday Aug 16th, 2007

This Saturday in Vancouver at Pub 340, Pure Country Gold will be making a stop before they embark on their West Coast tour in early September, which starts in their hometown of Portland at the MusicfestNW including an appearance with Roky Erickson. Playing the sort of loose cannon R&B that's impossible not to shake your pooper to, this drum and guitar duo have stripped it down to the essentials, leaving an exoskeleton of pure down-and-dirty party music. Proving further that it's easier to party without a bass player just as we learned from The Gories and Oblivians in the 90s, Pure County Gold rely on the soulful staple of bottom-line rock'n'roll. The singer/guitarist, Pat Foss (who also played guitar in The Silverkings), throws down a billowing vocal style that comes off as wise as whiskey. Their debut album that appeared earlier this year on Empty Records created a ripple in this new world of glue-wave, weirdo-synth, and lilting power pop, establishing that it's still okay to let loose and get sloppy. You can still pick up their debut LP HERE, and their newest single on Shake Appeal HERE.

Recent Vancouver transplant, Nick G picked up his roots in Milwaukee this past year, and along with Levon from the blazing and gutter-scraping Ladies Night, gave birth to The Master Apes. Their wonderfully disheveled dins equate to something you would never hear out of either of their other previously known bands (Nick G was in the Catholic Boys and The Tears) and come up to a sound that is closer to the likes of The Rip Offs and Supercharger. Striking chords that hit with such high marks in low living, we can all hope these loose screws will be putting out, 'platter-wise' soon. Thee Manipulators, who also contain the drummer Joe from Ladies Night, come from the same breeding grounds and hail from Vancouver as well, so get down to Pub 340 early to be sure you don't miss it.

check out a video clip of Master Apes live at Pat's Pub right here...