LiveFastDie's "Tour of Bad Decisions" Underway Tonight in Athens

LiveFastDie Live at The Knockout 2008 photo by <a href=
LiveFastDie Live at The Knockout 2008 photo by Canderson
posted Thursday May 29th, 2008

LiveFastDie are heading out on their self-proclaimed "Tour of Bad Decisions" today making stops across the Eastern and Midwestern United States. As far as thematic tours go, LFD have struck a cord of genius once again. Learning from our mistakes, our bad decisions, is exactly what keeps us going. Little lessons like you can't drink a beer from bottom of a bottle or you'll spill it all over your lap, or if your shirt is dirty you can just turn it inside out and it's clean again, all valuable lessons that will last a lifetime. I have a feeling Camero Werewolf and company will come out on the other side of this tour with a little more knowledge than when they started, we all might.

If you're a fan of LiveFastDie, and I'm sure you are, you already know that it's much more fun to be stupid. LivefastDie's cleverly executed retardation is simply brilliant and it shines through consistently throughout their catalog. From the moment their demo scraped across the ears of anyone lucky enough to come across it back in 2005, it was apparent that this mysterious band was on to something special: a formula of blazing guitar, hilarious and quirky observations on the rock'n'roll lifestyle we all adore, and the jagged temperament it takes to perform a decent punk song.

Tonight LFD play in Athens, Ohio and then worm their way into the Midwest to play the Stumble Fest in Milwaukee on Saturday. They then head to Chicago on Sunday to play with The Spits, and end their tour in Huntsville, Alabama for Bamalama Fest. Check their merch table for any of their numerous releases including their newest, "Bandana Trash Bloopers" on Turbo Rock Records.