LiveFastDie Heads to the Emergency Room in Vancouver

LiveFastDie Live at The Knockout 2008 photo by <a href=
LiveFastDie Live at The Knockout 2008 photo by Canderson
posted Wednesday Jan 30th, 2008

This Friday, LiveFastDie will be storming the border making their first appearance ever in Vancouver, Canada at local punk rock hideout The Emergency Room. From the NY rejects who brought us classics like “Camero Shit the Bed" and “Pissing On The Mainframe,” comes a night of blistering carnage and innocuous fumes as LFD offers up their greasy, gnarled Jabbers-meets-Ramones manic, fuzzed-out swagger. With so much lo-fi sludge to swallow you’ll be thankful you’re already at the ER cause you’re gonna need some serious treatment to wash all that delinquency down. It’ll be the type of night that covers you in snot, whips you in the face and leaves you with more psychological scars than ol’ GG himself. As the only Canadian date on LFD’s ten day west coast tour, which ends on Saturday with an appearance at the Slabtown Bender in Portland, you’d be outta your mind to miss it!

While in the Great White North, Camero Werewolf and his snotty-nosed goons will be sharing the stage with some local Vancouver favourites. The first of which is Manic Aattracts (new project from ex-Ladies Night member), a cozy little three-piece with all the outrageous charm and filth of the Reatards getting into a bar fight with the Carbonas at a Sneaky Pinks show. A recent Top of the Slop pick, you can hear some of their songs HERE.

And with enough intrigue to actually start a crazy brawl like that, the gals of Bad News Babysitters (members of Vancougar, Weathered Pines, defunct No Feeling) will be adding their own weird pop induced slop. Think Pleasure Seekers or The Shaggs but mixed up in a Quentin Tarantino action sequence, to this unstoppable lineup. Rounding out the local action, and still blurry from their “DO THE EARTHQUAKE 7” (Nominal) release party last week, is the disjointed punk noise of Vapid, complete with chaotic-muscle spasm freak-out and no-fi harmony. You can pick up their brand new 7” HERE. And with that, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t head down to the ER this Friday for a little check up.

check out a video clip of LiveFastDie performing their hit "Amputated" in Groningen, courtesy of ImBeatbygehk right here...