KnoT Knocked Up Are Not Yet Knocked Up in Montana

Knot Knocked Up!, photo by <a href=
Knot Knocked Up!, photo by Bill Salas
posted Friday Mar 27th, 2009

Often called "Man"tana, Montana does not seem like a place where the seed of girl weirdness could grow, but it has, complete with dinosaur hats, breasts, and jumping, contorted, and shirtless boys as their audience. That infectious sound is the all-girl percussion group, Knot Knocked Up. Playing recent gigs in Missoula with Aids Wolf and Fist Fite, their sound is quite a contrast to even the most out-there bangers, with no guitar or bass, just ear pounding drums, clanking chains, and feral vocals.

It's not surprising was that when Bryan Ramirez, of Missoula's Shit Gaze supergroups Ex-Cocaine and Poor School, heard a live recording over the radio, he decided to track the band down, and get his own cassette tape the old fashioned way, at their practice space with a microphone. That lead to the production (in about two hours) of Psuedo Psluts, the girls' first release.

Just this month things got really out of hand at their show with These Are Powers. These Are Powers passed their shakers and clappers around the audience during the Knot Knocked Up set, and the show turned into a documentary of Pleistocene pop music, and forty people enraptured in cathartic gyrations, as well as an eight year old girl that joined the band for that set.

You can catch Knot Knocked Up with Post Post Fuck Fuck tonight at Friendship City in Bellingham, Washington.

March 27th at Friendship City in Bellingham, WA with Post Post Fuck Fuck. 6 PM
March 28th at 1936 SE Oak, Portland, OR with Mosquito Bandito
March 29th - TBA
March 30th at The Josephine in Seattle, WA with Alaskas
March 31st - TBA
April 2nd at Le Voyeur in Olympia, WA
April 3rd at TBA in Boise, ID