King Khan & BBQ Show Celebrates Halloween in Chicago

King Khan and BBQ Show at 12 Galaxies, San Fransisco. Photo by<a href=
King Khan and BBQ Show at 12 Galaxies, San Fransisco. Photo byCanderson.
posted Friday Oct 31st, 2008

The King Khan and BBQ Show are in the Midwestern stint of the US tour this weekend and through the next month they'll be making their way to the West coast, and then throughout the South. As far as post-60s rock'n'roll duos, there has not been too much to speak of, but thankfully these two have held up to the test of time. Getting together in the mid-90s with their excellent debut act, The Spaceshits, King Khan and Mark "BBQ" Sultan headed up one the few lasting acts whose impacting barrage of quick-tempoed booty-slapping boogie carnage left many panting for more.

When the band split years later after the release of Misbehavin' and their European tour that followed, Khan and BBQ went their separate ways only to find themselves back in one another's arms, this time under the banner of the King Khan and BBQ Show. After releasing two excellent albums, they pulled one of the 90s most revered record labels, Crypt Records, out of the grave to release their last effort, the Teabag Party 7" EP last year. There hasn't been any talk of a third album, but these guys are still kicking and as far as their live sets go, they're an all out party and shouldn't be missed at any cost.

Tonight in Chicago they headline a show at the Bottom Lounge with a rare appearance from the long running Goblins. The Goblins, whose member are also behind the excellent Chicago zine Roctober and the kid-friendly public television show, Chic-a-Go-Go, play excitable tunes that pull as much from early 60s garage rock and the cartoonish zest of Kiss, as they do from the corny appeal of wearing masks on stage, and they pull it off well.

Goner Records recording artist Cococoma will be playing their last set with Mike Fitzpatrick (also of Headache City) in their line up, so be sure to buy him a drink or two. The mind-bending tunes of Canada's Women, open the show tonight and their sweetly psychedelic sound of tightly woven slop will be a perfect way to get the show going right.

Check out this awesome King Khan & BBQ Show video for "Waddlin' Around"