King Khan & BBQ Show with Jacuzzi Boys in Miami at Churchill's

King Khan & BBQ Show Live 2006 at Subterranean, photo by <a href=
King Khan & BBQ Show Live 2006 at Subterranean, photo by Canderson
posted Wednesday Oct 31st, 2007

This Friday in Miami, Florida an interesting mix of bands, the King Khan & BBQ Show and Jacuzzi Boys, will hit the stage at Churchill's. Once again reaffirming the efficiency and sinew of the sub-quartet vehicle on the collective musical playground, these two acts will most likely have everyone in Miami-Dade County punching chads with an ass-shaking rhythm. At this point, The King Khan & BBQ Show needs no introduction. After two spectacular albums, and many life-changing shows the world over, these two veterans have left a mark so deep on the aural surface of underground music that the minions of thirsty rock'n'rollers in search for soul quenching tunage can find heaps satisfaction without leaving their collective catalogs. There's no question that The Spaceshits, their first collaborative effort, were one the 90s ebbs that sent ripples through the following decade that brought many of us to the realization that retro-flavored rock'n'roll doesn't necessarily have to be cheesy or kitschy and can be a formate that's fresh, raw and as antipodal as any other underground music. The latest King Khan & BBQ Show installment on In The Red Records (which you can still get here) has proven to be just as earth shattering as their debut on Goner Records. Their debut is being released this time on In The Red and includes extra tracks, and a bonus single-sided LP of unreleased demo material. As their catalog keeps piling up, they also have a split Christmas 7” with the Black Lips out on Norton Records, and another single on Crypt titled Teabag, you can bet they're just getting started. Not surprisingly either, as anyone who has witnessed their live set can attest, they bring a party that'll have the whole Churchill's jumping.

The Jacuzzi Boys are a 3-piece band from the shadowy folds of the Sunshine State. With a tone that is eerie, psychedelic and builds on the dark corners of bedroom fuzz with an ethos of careless dilettantes, Jacuzzi Boys take the kaleidoscopic mind-flush the same route as the Black Lips did earlier in their career, also with a prismatic smear of apathy and hedonistic melodies. With their debut 7" EP out now on Florida's Dying, their dark waves of ominous freak-outs have only begun to rise. You can pick it up directly from Florida's Dying here.

The King Khan and BBQ Show Why Don't You Lie Music Video