The Intelligence Touch Down At Market Hotel Friday

The Intelligence Live 2008 in Oakland, photo by <a href=
The Intelligence Live 2008 in Oakland, photo by Canderson
posted Thursday Sep 10th, 2009

Friday night in Brooklyn at the Market Hotel, don't miss the spectacle of sonic absurdity known as The Intelligence, as they again descend on New York's seedy underbelly with the unassuming finesse and unwavering sound pioneering, they're known for the world over. Originally a shard of the illustriously stark noise of the A-Frames, and manned by multi-instrumentalist / drummer extraordinaire, Lars Finberg, it was only a matter of time before The Intelligence commandeered that inimitable beat with those impeccable vocals to push this once-unknown side project into an unstoppable modern punk machine that never seems to run out of steam. As one of the most active recording acts on In The Red's roster, this year has already seen the release of a string of incredible singles on labels such as Raw Deluxe, Plastic Idol, and the Fake Surfers LP on ITR, along with another full LP released just weeks after on France's Born Bad Records, you could say that's a pretty good run for the first chunk of 2009.

With a murky yet brilliant style that engulfs your cloudy brain within seconds, The Intelligence readily prove that they're here to help deconstruct the years of indifference toward progressively minimal pop music, surgically implanting hooks where there used to be legs or eyeballs, and nonchalantly forging the template of modern noise-pop perfection, all in the process. Their live shows are getting even more intense as time passes, and the psycho-angular, other-worldly erratic rhythms that Lars ignites with that ungodly deadpan ferocity are as infectious as it gets, especially at the minimal end of the spectrum they've mastered so well. If you're still breathing, be sure to pick up copies of the latest LPs, Fake Surfers, and Crepuscule With Pacman and any other singles you can find with their name on it, as rest assured it's all top-notch quality, regardless of the endless quantity of releases.

Supporting The Intelligence are Brooklyn heathens Golden Triangle, who fall somewhere between experimental indie pop and primal garage-grunt goodness. Featuring Viva L'American Death Ray's Nick Diablo in the ranks, as well as Atlanta's Alix Brown (who's done time in Angry Angles and The Lids), it's got a clever randomness going on under the surface that's turning quite a few ears, and they've landed a deal with Hardly Art for their debut LP, slated to come out this Fall. Check out the 7" on Rob's House for a chunk of their best material, and keep your eyes on Golden Triangle to go somewhere big. Don't miss locals Wild Yaks and Olde Tyme Relijun's Arrington De Dionyso opening the show at the Market Hotel, as well.

check out a video of The Intelligence live in Bordeaux, France last year, courtesy of remite, right here: