Imaginary Icons Back Up Homosexual with Golden Error in New York

Golden Error Live in New York 2007 photo by Emme Evard
Golden Error Live in New York 2007 photo by Emme Evard
posted Thursday Nov 15th, 2007

Bruno McQuillan, the frontman for the 70s British punk outfit, The Homosexuals will be making an appearance this Friday at the Magnetic Field in New York. Performing under the moniker Bruno Wizard, he'll be backed by the Imaginary Icons and will perform some of the classic post-punk tunes that set the stage for the genre's path for decades to come. Since the release of the 3-CD set, Astral Glamour, on Hyped2Death in 2004, The Homosexuals have enjoyed a renewed interest in their music. Featuring the entire Homosexuals catalog along with songs from the long list of one-offs and side projects, it stands as a testament the band's brilliance. Hopping so many fences stylistically and incorporating sparse song structures, genre-melding, and entangling harmonies, The Homosexuals are easily one of the catalysts for the regnant flavor of modern underground music, including the sounds coming from the two supporting acts, Golden Error and Imaginary Icons.

The Imaginary Icons amalgamate a sounds that certainly falls in line with The Homosexuals, and incorporate the same broken and gawky song structures they did 30 years prior, but they meld in a vocal style that's less awkward and more righteously grandiloquent and actually comes in comparison closer to Joy Division. You can still pick up their debut single from Daggerman Records HERE.

Opening the show is Golden Error, who's debut release just came out on Mind/No Mind Records last month in the form of a split 7” with none other than LiveFastDie, which you can pick up HERE. Playing pendulous, and jangly tunes where the bass is the backbone to the artfully berated vocals, they certainly have a sounds that sets them apart from the rest of the bill. Keep an eye out for a 12" from these guys sometime in the near future, on a yet unnamed label.

check out video clip of Bruno backed by Imaginary Icons earlier this summer courtesy of wwwhatsup right here..