Human Eye Friday at the Beat Kitchen

Human Eye at the Chicago Blackout 2005 by Canderson
Human Eye at the Chicago Blackout 2005 by Canderson
posted Wednesday Nov 22nd, 2006

This Friday at the Beat Kitchen in Chicago the errant noise clam concoction of the lovably bizarre king of Hamtramck, Timmy Vulgar will make a appearance with his band Human Eye. After the fall of the Clone Defects, whose sound went from off-base mutant discord ripped across jittery futuristic themes to more to more goal-oriented pop anthems like the schoolyard guttersnipe hit “Little Ms. Lori” to their Shapes of Venus LP on In The Red Records, Vulgar picked up the where he left off. With a sound that lends more to his maniacal howl of the earlier Clone Defects than it does the former, Human Eye comes off with a blast of the drudging panic of having to use a circuit board for a hammer, leaving the familiar anxiety of an unfamiliar future. As a frontman, Timmy Vulgar has no equal. On stage he projects a persona that's dangerous and deranged, but he does it with a benign angle that drags the audience through a world that's more ludicrous than rabid, where inanimate everyday objects become our enemies. A couple of years ago he caused quite a rigamarole at the Dot Dash Festival in New York for setting a vacuum cleaner on fire during their set. One could spend a paragraph or two pontificating the “artistic” meaning of such an act, but I'd bet that Timmy simply hates vacuum cleaners.

Along with Human Eye, the slightly askew meter of the weird Wisconsin oufit Hue Blanc's Joyless Ones will also perform. With sounds that teeter from resentful heartbreakers to twangy introspective aural nooses, The Joyless Ones will fit perfectly on the bill, ringing a tone that's as uncouth as the awkward glue eaters in the back of the short bus. Tentacle Lizardo featured Ian from the former Detroit noise troupe The Piranhas, whose mashing guitar and slogging keyboard scud fit nicely with their hometown cronies The Clone Defects back in the late nineties. Chicago's Screaming Yellow Zonkers open the show.

Check out a video of Human Eye from GonerFest 2 here...