Hex Dispensers Throw Down At Beerland

Hex Dispensers Live at Big Horse 2006 photo by <a href=
Hex Dispensers Live at Big Horse 2006 photo by Canderson
posted Wednesday Jul 18th, 2007

The Hex Dispensers will be uh, dispensing hexes in their hometown tonight at the famed Beerland in Austin, Texas. After recently releasing their debut full length on the Alien Snatch label this summer, they've perked up the ears of salivating rock'n'roll zealots everywhere. It is no wonder too, featuring Alex Cuervo of such late and venerable acts as A Feast of Snakes, Blacktop and King Sound Quartet, Alyse Mervosh of The Winks and Manikin, and Tom Kodiak of the late and great Kodiaks, this assemblage of sonic soil bags is practically a super group, and it's more than evident on their debut. Cuervo's vocals are blaring and echo-drenched at any volume, and leave a residue of pop-tinged filth that is perfect fit for the hypersonic, fist-shaking anthems they're kicking out. Fitting perfectly in that tight corner of metal-ish pop much like the Hard-Ons, but less Australian and more Texan, Hex Dispensers lay down a perfect debut. On one track, they take a Tubeway Army song “Down in the Park” (a song Marilyn Manson also covers) and turn the weird, dismal, and futuristic doom song into a weird, dismal, and timely song, and unlike Gary Numan, The Hex Dispensers get it down without shaving their eyebrows. As far a debut goes, these guys couldn't have done better. If you have any sense at all, you'll head down to Beerland tonight and pick up a copy. The St. Louis act The Vultures are also playing, and open up the show.