STREAM: Son of A Gun 'No Bread' debut LP

posted Friday Oct 17th, 2014

Tall Pat sure put out a pretty outstanding LP for his second 12 inches. We've seen Son of a Gun play out over the past year or so, and they killed it at the inaugural VoT party at Door #3 a couple of months back, when their set ended with a cover of Dan Sartain's "Fuck Friday" after humbly declaring "We don't know anymore songs." Live, Son of a Gun is on fire, packing their sets with unrelenting energy as they blast through songs and keep the crowd banter to a modest, and charming, minimal.

Son of A Gun's debut LP (their first 12 inches, too), No Bread, carries much of the same energy these guys pull off live, albeit a cleaner and more polished sound than they crank out at a bar with a bunch of drunk dudes scudding about and spilling their tall boys. Son of A Gun's knack for jamming elements of glam and mid 70s pop into a garage rock context is not too far of a throw from the Makers output nearly two decades earlier, but stripped of the boas and leather.

STREAM THE FULL ALBUM HERE, and don't miss them Saturday at Cole's Bar with Apache Dropout and The Sueves, and get your pre-order in right HERE