Frustrations, The Rebel, Clean Teens and Hundred Eyes in New York Saturday

Frustrations Live 2007 at The Hemlock, photo by <a href=
Frustrations Live 2007 at The Hemlock, photo by Canderson
posted Friday Feb 22nd, 2008

Detroit's Frustrations are playing a show with The Rebel, Clean Teens and Hundred Eyes at the Charleston in Brooklyn, New York this Saturday. On the crest of the current alien noise wave that's going on up there in the Motor City with bands like Tentacle Lizardo, Terrible Twos, and Human Eye, Frustrations weave the post-punk sounds of Birthday Party, with jolting and angular rhythms into the disheveled, drifting and extraterrestrial container of Chrome. Their debut full length CD on X! Records titled Glowing Red Pill is still available here.

Front man for the Country Teasers, Ben Wallers is performing as his solo act, The Rebel, playing with the same cultish, weirdo twang as he's become known for over the years, the show will definitely be something you shouldn't miss. His solo stuff, much like his work with the Country Teasers, conjures up deranged and waltzing ditties that scrape the scum from the barrel of lyrical content. Pulling from themes that are edgy, artful and dangerous, The Rebel sings his nefarious limericks as if they were scratched on the wall of a toilet stall, in such a way that they would make Edward Lear shit his trousers.

The Clean Teens play the mop-top R&B party thing, like a mash-up of a sootier Real Kids or a whiter version of The Flamin' Groovies. They sometimes delve into rock-a-billy rhythms, but don't growing a pompadour, because those are stupid. You can download a bunch of their songs here for the whooping low price of FREE, but hopefully someday soon they'll have one of those fancy records to sell.

Headlining the show, Hundred Eyes are a strange outfit from Brooklyn that play ambient drone meditations that have the minions of psych-lunatics thirsting for erratic, mind-blowing sounds while stumbling across their third eye staring at their shiny toaster, high on a GODZ record.

Here's a video of The Frustrations at the Chill And Mingle, Hamtramck.