France Has The Bomb Meets up with A/V Murder in Milwaukee

France Has The Bomb, photo by Adam Bubolz
France Has The Bomb, photo by Adam Bubolz
posted Thursday Nov 6th, 2008

Over this coming weekend, France Has The Bomb will play two shows with A/V Murder in the Midwest, one in Milwaukee on Friday at Frank's Powerplant and the other in Chicago on Saturday at the esteemed Ronny's Bar. As many jokes that have been made about Srini Radhakrishna (formally of the White Outs and Guilty Pleasures) and Hideo Takahashi (of the Birthday Suits and Sweet J.A.P) becoming conjoined twins since Srini moved out to Minneapolis over a year ago, the union has given birth to a band that's something truly unique. France Has The Bomb, the Minneapolis outfit, also features Danny Henry of Awesome Snakes on the skins, released their debut single on Dusty Medical this past summer to much acclaim. Playing pop-skidding rhythms that poke at a post-punk appeal, FHTB lay out cagey, self-conscious tunes that sprawl a sonic map that their peers would have a hard time keeping up with. They do this so light-handedly that it eases any trace of what other bands the members had been involved with prior, and truly shows their ambit and veracity as musicians. Expect to see another single from these guys later this year on HoZac Records.

Jim McCann is another luminary who has a hard time sitting still, and his restlessness has brought us another promising band, A/V Murder. As McCann established his knack for brutal bottom-feeding rock'n'roll that shreds the lines between hardcore nuances and no-wave nihilism with his last act White Savage, he continues his guttural pummeling with A/V Murder. You can score a copy of their debut single also out now on Dusty Medical Records.

Friday's show in Milwaukee features an appearance from White Mystery featuring Alex White and her brother Francis and brings the vehement flavor of soulful rock'n'roll Miss White is known for playing. And Saturday's show in Chicago features the final performance of the long running Chicago supergroup, Headache City as another local scene dignitary, Mike Fitzpatrick heads east. He'll be missed too.