Final Solutions Record Release Party at The Hi-Tone

Final Solutions Live 2005 by <a href=
Final Solutions Live 2005 by Canderson
posted Thursday Jul 5th, 2007

Friday night at the Hi-Tone in Memphis, don't be late to catch the Final Solutions record release party on the eve of the debut of their anxiously awaited follow-up LP. If your mental cage was rattled vigorously to a pulp with the waves of deep disturbance their first album created, then you'll undoubtedly be frothing at the mouth for more of their cranial-crushing obtuse punk angles awaiting within the grooves of their new album released this week on Goner Records. Whereas the first album centered more around the tempestuousness of drummer, songwriter and all around malcontent Jimmy Jewels (aka Jay Reatard), this second LP pulls out even more varied and illustrious visions of anguish over an apocalypse that didn't live up to its promises. Although it's been almost two years since the Final Solutions' debut full-length on Misprint Records, they have instilled fear in the hearts of the weak with three consecutive knockout singles on Shit Sandwich, Shattered, and Frick & Frack, which sated anyone with an itch for the orgone energy festering within their insidious guts. The Final Solution's latest album, Songs By Solutions, is another essential platter of distinction from these Memphis weirdos that will stand up alongside their previous releases like a beacon of hope for savages like us who live off their radiating waves of ill will. The vinyl is out this week too, so don't spend all you have at the bar so you can pick up a copy, and certainly don't get too drunk at the afterhours and leave it behind like I foolishly did at their first record release party for the Oblivians 2003 reunion show. Yes, I still feel stupid, and yes I still do the exact same thing to this day when I've got a beer in one hand and a record in the other. Also on Friday's bill are yet another new Memphis combo called The Barbaras, who you should also check out in lieu of the typical alley-chuggin' before the show. The Barbaras put forth a glowingly delicate web of sound that is almost quite polarized by the crazed Final Soultions, but still manages to extract an intriguing mix of classic pop song writing with a thin layer of sonic filth just to keep everyone in check. With a dirty, yet delicious early 60s songwriting style complete with budget Spectorisms and backup vocals galore, keep an eye out on The Barbaras to keep Memphis swooning right up to the release of their forthcoming debut on the freshly resurrected Shattered Records later this year.

check out a video clip of the Final Solutions' first album release show in 2003 right here...