Fe Fi Fo Fums Ransack The Sunset in Seattle

Fe Fi Fo Fums Live 2007 photo by <a href=
Fe Fi Fo Fums Live 2007 photo by Jason Fisher
posted Wednesday Dec 19th, 2007

Tonight at the Sunset Tavern in Seattle, drag your lazy ass out to a fun-smothered evening of wild reckless abandon as Seattle's slop ambassadors of lo-fi loudness rake everyone over yet again. Even though the rest of the world is stuck knee deep in a holiday haze, there's one band tonight that can wipe away your troubles with the grace of a nogged-up homeless lady on her last ten bucks, and that my dear friends is the Fe Fi Fo Fums. With some of their attention shifting over to the folk-fucked The Dutchess and The Duke project, we must not forget that it's the Fums that were the glue that held the whole Boom Boom Records compound together so well, in turn, gaining them a notorious adorability. When the In the Summertime 7" EP was released in the sweltering summer heat of 2006, it was then certain that the Fe Fi Fo Fums were poised to take mid-tempo trash to its pinnacle early in the game, especially on their tear-jerking hit "I Can't Help Myself" which locked them in with top honors for 7" of the year. It was as if Joey Ramone's ailing heart was teleported through a broken telephone answering machine into the gut of Melvin Dundinkle, and the squeezing pressure of unrequited love just seemed to ooze through the speakers like black mud through a clogged heart valve. Their follow up single this year on Rob's House Records broke down even more walls as they proffered two more chunks of their repertoire that ushered in yet another chapter of their rock'n roll purity campaign. Now that the year is coming to close, looking back you can see it's the Fe Fi Fo Fums that are left laughing while everyone else tries to keep reinventing themselves and try out new directions. It's probably for the best, as they're content with the untainted formula they have carved out for themselves and how well it really does work. It's in the best interest of your physical and psychological well being to have and to hold these Fums records dear to your heart, and luckily you can still get your hands on them.

Opening up the show are a mixed bag of support acts such as Bay Area's dreamdate, and the interestingly named Spency Dude along with Rip Off Records artists' The Suspicions (who share a drummer with the Fums), rounding out a free-balling night of squirrely rock'n roll that can't be missed. Get down to the Sunset Tavern and get your drinking boots on early, as this is another night in Seattle that you just can't miss.

check out a video clip of the Fe Fi Fo Fums in Vancouver at Pat's Pub performing "Electrofize Me" off their debut single, courtesy of Sean Law, right here...