STREAM: The Stooges debut LP (Alternate Version)

posted Friday Oct 31st, 2014

Well you might have thought you've heard it all when it comes to such an iconic band such as the Stooges, they didn't really have many "b-sides," and they really weren't coherent enough to record as much as they should have. It's often said that they wrote most of the sings on the debut LP while in the studio, as the material they played live was usually unstructured, primal noise jams. So when Rhino Handmade issued the deluxe edition of the debut album a couple years ago with one new (studio!?) track culled from the archives, alongside a completely alternate version of the stunning debut, it was bound to turn some heads.

That song is known as "Asthma Attack" and is such a bizarre, six minute-plus mind fuck, that it truly both does AND doesn't seem to belong on the debut album. That's ultimately for you to decide, of course, and if you haven't had a chance to hear the full alternate version of the debut LP, you're gonna love that as well. Clearly different versions with alternate lyrics in spots, as well as different vocal arrangements, as well as added John Cale viola on "We Will Fall." You will not want to miss this, and the first track streaming below is the one you probably haven't heard yet, so dig into another version of one of the greatest punk albums of all time, right here.