EXHUMED: The Stiffs 'Dad's A Pig' 1978

posted Thursday Apr 19th, 2018

The Stiffs were slated to be the first-ever punk band out of Vancouver with a record, but circumstances, as they were at the time, stopped that reality from happening, dead in it's tracks. In 1978 home-spun Punk Rock was sweeping North America as well as most other locales and The Stiffs were the band that started the seeds of insidious deviancy in the City of Glass, and although their corrupt energy was ahead of the other local degenerates, you would have to wait 40 long years before these tracks ever saw a proper vinyl pressing.

As a precursor to both the Subhumans as well as hardcore unit Rabid, The Stiffs had three gritty and uncompromising tracks ready for their debut EP, two of which, "Fuck You" and "Oh Canaduh," became Canadian punk classics years later from their Subhumans renditions.

Most folks won't be familiar with these earlier versions, aside from the "Fuck You" appearance on the 2CD compilation Last Call: Vancouver Independent Music 1977-88 which came out in the early 90s, or the Vancouver Evolution 7" EP, which was even harder to find. But the track "Dad's A Pig" is an extra special chunk of family-oriented fun that's been festering in the shadows for far too long, and we've got the world premiere right here for you.

Lucky for punk fans across the globe, Supreme Echo Records have saved the day and rescued these tracks from the depths of obscurity and pressed all three tracks up with four more demos for the first-ever release from The Stiffs. Check out the track "Dad's A Pig" right here and be sure to pre-order your copy of this historical punk artifact while you still can.