EXHUMED: The Maggots 7" EP

posted Monday Oct 9th, 2006

From the moment you first hear the Maggot's signature tune "Let's Get Tammy Wynette," it's apparent that their anti-social sentiments have crossed the lines of good taste with pure class all the way. Originally released in 1979 on Wiggle Teens Records, and gracefully reproduced this summer by the fine folks at Discourage Records, it's singles reproduced like this that continue to give reissues a good name. Although being available on Killed By Death #5, finally having a full-size image of the battered country & western star's face to gawk at is kinda thrilling and disturbing at the same time. And your insatiable lust for bonus tracks is rightfully fulfilled with all two extraneous cuts, including a demo version of the title track with alternate male vocals. Although Ms. Wynette's battery scandal even got her beaten mug on the cover of People Magazine, it was revealed later that the incident was a covert plan to cover up a domestic abuse incident by her husband, George Richey. Although we'd never condone such an act, tabloid scandal headlines sure do make great subject matter for a punk song, regardless of it's misogynistic applause and general nihilism. Aside from the forgettable dub track, the other legit b-side, "2/2/79" is an essential synth-punk ringer, and also a reference to the day Sid Vicious died. Discourage Records did a great job on this reissue, and the inclusion of a glossy color booklet with band member bios, flyers and press clippings of teenage magazines of Shaun Cassidy "gone punk," it's a prerequisite buy for anyone with an inclination to shrill, angry female-on-female violent punk rock, played sloppy and wild like it's supposed to be. For more information on the story of this record by our favorite rock'n roll detective, please check out Ryan Richardson's It Never Ends site with all the oddball minutae regarding the pet maggot and bumper sticker inserts, and even a run-in between original drummer Jane Weems and Courtney Love. Pick up a copy HERE and check out the songs HERE.