EXHUMED: Lost Kids Cola Freaks EP 7"

posted Monday Apr 7th, 2014

Danish punk legends, the Lost Kids, released one of the most chill-inducing punk moments ever recorded in that fateful year of 1979, and luckily our friends at Sing Sing have bridged the financial gap for you once again, bringing this top-notch Euro punk rarity into temporary accessibility, in it's original format. With a bizarre lineup boasting such a mismatched crew of weirdos charging forth in both disco wear AND garish corpse-type makeup, these songs will burn your eyebrows right off before it even makes it to your ears.

Deliciously thuggish Rezillos-style sneer gushes over the misplaced, yet perfectly-fitting, metal guitar shredding to almost impossible climaxes, over and over, it's almost too much. But then again, it's such a short, sharp, angry blast of melodic dual male/female vocal brute force, you won't ever want it end, and with those over the top guitar shrieks, every track on this Lost Kids EP will have you salivating for more. Their sloptastic cover of The Heartbreakers' "Pirate Love" in their native tongue puts the icing on the cake, and then smashes that very same cake into your face. Grab a copy of the Lost Kids EP reissue out now on Sing Sing right HERE, or from your favorite mailorder spot, while you still can.

And you absolutely have to see the Lost Kids in action, check out 'Pop '79' Danish TV broadcast right here: