EXHUMED: CRIME 'Murder By Guitar' LP

posted Wednesday Jul 2nd, 2014

One of the most elusive punk bands of the 70s, CRIME, finally got their due in the early 2000s with a proper, accessible reissue of their most well known material in the form of the San Francisco's STILL Doomed LP on Swami Records, but as time passed, it came to be realized that this wasn't actually complete, and that even more material had surfaced. But studio tracks such as the often maligned 3rd single "Maserati" b/w "Gangster Funk" as well as "Terminal Boredom" and demo cuts like the killer slow-burner, "TV Blue" are all coming to the surface now as part of the LP collection Murder By Guitar out next month on Superior Viaduct. The project was rescued after an initial problem had arisen regarding a pre-order that seemed to backfire, as per the chatter here, so it's a relief that it's been reconfigured and on track for release.

And if you haven't had a chance to see live CRIME footage from the late 70s, it seems like there's more popping up every day, so we've got two great clips here for you, a pro-shot show from the Mabuhay in 1977, and live on Target Video with another unknown song called "Space Face," so kick back and enjoy and get your pre-order in for the Murder By Guitar LP right HERE.