EXHUMED: Colored Balls 'Heavy Metal Kid' LP

posted Friday Sep 12th, 2014

The second full-length, Heavy Metal Kid from the massive Australian thunder known as Lobby Lloyd and the Coloured Balls is finally accessible again after being out of print for 40 years, with a fresh remaster courtesy of Desperate Records. Released during the heyday of Melbourne's 'Sharpie' culture, this LP was the soundtrack to the stomping, bruising, and grillfat-sizzling days gone by, when thugs rocked hard with bravado so deep and real, it would make you grow hair on your chest. Holding a pivotal role in the Australian proto-punk pantheon, The Colored Balls (sic) scorched an entire generation, and prepped the world for one of the most important punk explosions of the original 70s wave. Reading about Lobby Lloyd in the Chosen Few interview we did in Horizontal Action was the first time my interest was piqued, but sadly the music would have to wait as the general accessibility was the main problem, as with most pivotal records from this era.

You should have already picked up the reissue of their debut Ball Power LP via Sing Sing Records last year, but if you haven't been so lucky, it's now available from Desperate as well, and both deliver the powerful crunch of bones breaking under boot heels, forging the framework for the upcoming Oi! sound and aesthetic, albeit inadvertently. So if you're just not feeling tough enough today, you might wanna start listening to stuff like the Coloured Balls, and kick back and get your BONEHEAD CRUNCH on with these fine reissues right HERE.

Check out a short clip of mid 70s Melbourne Sharpie culture: