Egyptian Eyes, Creteens, Strange Boys Friday in Memphis

Creeteens Live at Mutiny 2006 by Canderson
Creeteens Live at Mutiny 2006 by Canderson
posted Thursday Apr 19th, 2007

Friday at the Buccaneer in Memphis, there's quite a lineup featuring three pretty polar acts that should equate a perfect night of over-consumption, under-dressing and inner-loathing. First up is hometown psyche-strum weirdos, Egyptian Eyes. Just when you thought that The Eye of Horus had lost all meaning as it became the prototypical lower back tattoo for unchaste college girls who just discovered pot, a band like this pops up and drags it back down to the mysterious imagery it conjured before the burlap resurgence of the early 90s. Like an embarrassing bong hickey, their sound pulls from the same chords as the artier side of the 60s folk thing, leaving a taste of The GODZ output before most of us were even a stroke in our daddy's wrist. The second act, Creteens, are going cause a bit of confusion, as they're almost completely opposite of both the opening band and the Strange Boys. With a more brittle sound, these Parigots turned Floridian regulars kicked out one of the best food rock jams of all time, “Crunchwrap Supreme,” which set everyone here in the VoT offices scouring fast food restaurants everywhere looking for this enticing treat. As a band, they have much more to offer and have a uniquely crisp and perpetually rolling sound blasted with energy and vocals that fit in that perfect nook between sounding like a Muppet, and a overly anxious drunk guy.
Headlining are the new masters of pop lyrical over-pronunciation, The Strange Boys. These Austin cats help us realize what Paul Collins might have sounded like if he were to hang with Ray Davies for a while, and spin out a perfect blend of tuneful, tasteful, and timeless tunes that anyone would dig.

Cheggout Creteens rocking it in a basement below.