Eat Skull Joins Clockcleaner at Backspace in Portland

Eat Skull Live at Hemlock 2007 photo by <a href=
Eat Skull Live at Hemlock 2007 photo by Canderson
posted Wednesday Nov 7th, 2007

Thursday night at Backspace in Portland, it's imperative that you make your way out to see this phenomenal array of noisy and unrepentant bands clamoring together to shake the world of it's complacency this fine evening. Clockcleaner is in town while on the last leg of their "Western Humiliation Tour," and hopefully all the breakables are securely packed away as they ravage this beautiful city with some of the filthiest and most twisted music ever committed to record. Already banned from the Khyber in their hometown of Philadelphia for hilariously urinating on a headlining band's merch table, John Sharkey and company are not here to make friends or soothe nerves, but more to smash faces and soil attitudes, all in one swipe. With a deplorable second LP on Load Records out this month, it's no surprise they have honed their sound into more of an Amphetamine Reptile-style and veered far off from the primordial muckraking Sharkey was doing in his old Cleveland hardcore band, 9 Shocks Terror. Akin to the abrasively antagonistic tonality of The Lamps and Pissed Jeans, Clockcleaner seem to have everything right in place for a swift takeover in the upper levels of the accessible underground, much to the chagrin of timid indie rockers looking for a mellow night out with some friends.

Joining them is Portland's next great art-punk byproduct, Eat Skull, who have already set hearts aflame down the West coast on their last few outings, and who employ a kindred cacophony not too far off from the Columbus NOW sound of Times New Viking and Psychedelic Horseshit, or the vastly influential Intelligence to the north. With a member of the ever-changing Hospitals in the mix, you can count on Eat Skull to bring a dissonant barrage of rhythmic and repetitive greatness to the fold. Be sure to grab their spine-cracking debut 7" on Meds Records, and try and get your hands on their tour-only cassette for an extra dose of bewitching brain damage HERE. Defect Defect are one of the hardest working punk bands in the Portland area, and with a few extensive tours and records under their belt, you can bet on an adrenaline blast that might require a quick change of underwear within the first few moments on stage, along with a fantastic new white hairdo from the shell-shock. Pick up their singles HERE and don't be late or you'll miss 'special guests' Moral Panic, who bring an inspirational jackleg effort to the vicious punk roundtable and kick off this great night of musical mayhem in the Northwest.

check out Clockcleaner's "Missing Dick" video right here....